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<img alt="Welcome to NEP IPTV | A Brave New World style=" left;"="" 20px;="" 209px;="" 187px;="">A BRAVE NEW WORLD OF TECHNOLOGY - For over 110 years NEP has provided the area with the best in telecommunication and technology.  NEP IPTVis the culmination of our experience, expertise and commitment to provide you with the best service at the best price.  We are now able to offer UNLIMITED LONG DISTANCE, access to DVR and High Speed speeds up to 100Mbps for a fraction of the price of our past offerings.  These technologies will continue to expand with your entertainment and communication needs.

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Do You Have The Speed You Need?
Today's homes are more connected than ever before. Our TV's stream HD movies, our phones download music, our scales upload… More Info
Online TV Guide
NEP DataVision customers recently lost access to the interactive onscreen guide.  This was an unavoidable concequence of changing technology.We apologize… More Info
Do You have the Speed You Need?
Maybe your kids got a new game system, and you got a new Smart TV or everyone got new phones… More Info