Internet Plans & Rates

NEP offers a wide variety of speeds and services to accommodate any internet needs.

Business Packages

NEP BUSINESS + is our new offering for small businesses looking to simplify and save.  Our BUSINESS + Package combines the security of a land line phone (will not fail in a power outage unlike VOIP), multiple business related calling features, and Broadband Internet with several email address’, virus & spam protection for just $65.00 per month.

Easily customize our BUSINESS + Package to suite your growing business needs.  Add TV, multiple lines, more minutes, or max out your Internet with speeds up to 25 Mbps!  All while saving hundreds a year versus traditional calling & Internet plans.

Plan Name Features Monthly Rate

NEP Business + Package

Phone | Land Line
500 Long Distance Minutes
Unlimited Local Calling
1 Business Line
1 Business Directory
Voice Mail
Call Waiting
Caller ID

Broadband Internet
3 Mbps Connection
Static IP Address
5 Email Addresses
Email Virus Protection
Spam Filter


Options: Calling Features

Call Forwarding
Call Forwarding Delay
Call Forward Busy
Abbreviated Dialing
3-Way Calling
Speed Calling


Options: Long Distance Upgrades

1000 Long Distance Minutes
1500 Long Distance Minutes
2000 Long Distance Minutes
2500 Long Distance Minutes
3000 Long Distance Minutes


Options: High Speed Internet Upgrades for an additional cost

6 Mb/s
12 Mb/s
25 Mb/s