Internet Plans & Rates

NEP offers a wide variety of speeds and services to accommodate any internet needs.

Business Packages

NEP is now offering new business packages to simplify and save for your growing business.  Our packages combine the security of a land line phone (will not fail in a power outage unlike VOIP) and our super fast internet!

Easily customize our packages to suite your growing business needs.  Add TV, multiple lines, or max out your Internet with speeds up to 200 Mbps!  All while saving hundreds a year versus traditional calling & Internet plans.


Business packages starting at less than $60.00 per month!


For business package options and rates, please call to talk to our friendly customer service representatives for details!



FREE Installation!



Plan Name Features Monthly Rate


DSL Speeds above 6Mbps not available in all areas. Internet speed, availability and uninterrupted service not guaranteed. Factors include, but not limited to, internet and network congestion, condition of phone line and inside wiring, and the speed of the internet sites you visit.