NEP Packages


Extreme TV & Internet Bundles // Starting $104.99

NEP EXTREME TV & Internet bundles start at just $104.99 per month and offer internet speeds of up to 200 Mbps! Easily upgrade to Single or Multi-room DVR or add NEP Movie packages to complete your bundle!

Package Includes

    • 93 Channels
    • 51 HD Channels Included
    • 45 Channels of Music
    • 6 Day Interactive Guide
  • Broadband Internet
    • Speeds up to 200 Mbps!
    • 3 Email Addresses
    • Email Virus Protection
    • Spam Filter

Upgrades & Add Ons

Broadband Internet Speeds available up to 200 Mbps.

Multi-Room DVR
NEP Movie Packages
3 Mbps - $112.99 per month
6 Mbps - $120.99 per month
12 Mbps - $134.99 per month
25 Mbps - $144.99 per month
50 Mbps - $180.99 per month
100 Mbps - $216.99 per month
200 Mbps - $280.99 per month

Package Disclaimers

Additional taxes and surcharges apply. Unlimited Long Distance applies to continental USA only. International rates will apply for calling outside of the Continental USA. NEP local telephone service and NEP long distance service required for NEP bundled service offerings. High Speed Internet offerings above 5Mbps not available in all areas. Internet speed, availability and uninterrupted service not guaranteed. Factors include, but not limited to, Internet and network congestion, condition of NEP facilities and inside wiring, and the characteristics of the specific Internet sites visited. Set-top box fees may apply. HD and DVR services not available in all areas. Advantage and Extreme Bundles not available in all areas.