Internet Plans & Rates

NEP offers a wide variety of speeds and services to accommodate any internet needs.

Residential Internet Plans & Rates

Do everything faster with NEP High Speed Internet - it is all about speed! A range of NEP Internet access speeds are available to fit almost every need. When combined with NEP TV services, you make the power of the phone line work for you and your budget..


Please call our office at 866-785-3131 to talk to our Customer Service Representatives about speed availability.

Speed Features Monthly Rate

Speeds Up To 1.5 Mb/s

Best for Email.  Light Web Browsing.


Speeds Up To 3 Mb/s

Best for Web Browsing.


Speeds Up To 6 Mb/s

Best for Web Browsing, Light Online Gaming, SD Video Streaming


Speeds Up To 12 Mb/s

Best for Downloading Files, HD Video Streaming, Online gaming.


Speeds Up To 25 Mb/s

Best for Multi-Connection Homes.
*Fiber Availability Only*


Speeds Up To 50 Mb/s

Best for Streaming Movies, Gaming, Working from home, up to 5 connected devices without lag.
*Fiber Availability Only*



DSL Speeds above 5Mbps not available in all areas. Internet speed, availability and uninterrupted service not guaranteed. Factors include, but not limited to, internet and network congestion, condition of phone line and inside wiring, and the speed of the internet sites you visit.