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Customer Rights // Deposit Rules

You may be required to pay a security deposit. The decision to charge a deposit must be based only on your credit history. The company may not require a deposit on the basis of where you live your race, religion, gender, age if over 18, ethnic background, or marital status.

New Customers

The telephone company will provide residential telephone service without requiring a deposit if you meet one of the following:

  • You have a good payment history with a local exchange carrier (local telephone company). Or, you have a good payment history with another utility. (You must give the company permission to check your payment history with other utilities).
  • You own property, have entered into an agreement to purchase real estate in the areas served by the company, or have at least a one-year lease at a property serviced by the company. However, you cannot have a poor payment history as a telephone customer within the past two years.
  • You can provide information and proof that you are a good credit risk by providing credit cards and/or employment history. You cannot be considered a poor credit risk simply because you have never had credit.
  • If a credit investigation is expected to take longer than three business days, the company must provide service at least until it completes its investigation. If you have to pay a deposit, the company must tell you the reason in writing.

    Before providing service the company may require that you pay or make a payment agreement to pay any outstanding residential telephone bills you may owe if from within the last four years. You may not be held responsible for another person’s bills unless a court or the PUC decides you are responsible.

    Existing Customers

    The company may require a security deposit if you:

  • Pay two telephone bills in a row late or you pay more than two bills late with in a year. Before requiring a deposit, the company must send you a notice that you might have to pay a deposit if you continue to pay your bills late.
  • Have service suspended or terminated for nonpayment and want to have your service restored.
  • Paying The Security Deposit - Existing Customers

    Your cash deposit cannot be more than your average two month bill during the past 12 months including toll charges. You must pay the deposit within 20 days after the company requests it.


    For new customers, the amount of the deposit cannot be greater than an average two month bill for other customers in your exchange. You will have to pay half the deposit before you get the service and the balance within 30 days.

    Third Party Guarantee

    Instead of paying a cash deposit, another local telephone customer who has met or can meet the credit standards may provide a written guarantee to cover payment equal to the cash deposit required. The individual providing the guarantee becomes responsible for payment of the deposit if you don’t pay the monthly bills or leave an unpaid final bill. This person’s responsibility ends when you establish satisfactory credit.

    Deposit Refund

    Your deposit plus interest will be returned to you when you have established credit. You may choose to have your deposit applied to your account or you may choose to receive a cash refund. Credit will be considered established when you have paid bills:

  • for 12 months in a row without having service suspended or terminated; and
  • without having paid bills after the due date on more than two occasions; and
  • your bill is not presently overdue.
  • If your service is terminated or permanently disconnected, your deposit and interest will be applied to any amount you owe and the rest will be returned to you.