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Customer Rights // Suspension Of Service

The company may suspend your telephone service for any of the following reasons:

  • You do not pay your bill. If you dispute part of your bill, you must notify the company. The company may not suspend your service if you do not pay the part that you dispute.
  • You do not pay a security deposit, provide a third party guarantee, or give the company information to establish your credit.
  • You don’t allow the company access for maintenance or repair of company equipment.
  • You use your telephone service to interfere with or harm other customers’ service.
  • You do not pay according to a payment agreement.
  • You give false or misleading information to get service.
  • You use your telephone to threaten the safety of any person or the ability of the company to deliver telephone service.
  • You still owe the company for service furnished in your name within the past four years.
  • The telephone company may not suspend basic (local) telephone service because you fail to pay charges for non-basic service. Also, the company may not suspend basic (local) service because you fail to pay charges for interexchange (toll) service, unless the company is technically not able to suspend one without also suspending the other.

    If you are threatened with suspension of your telephone service, you may protect your basic service by paying the amount you owe for that service. The company may suspend your toll and/or non-basic service but you will still be able to make local calls.

    Suspension Notice

    If the company is going to suspend your service, it will mail a written suspension notice to you at least 7 days before the date your service is to be suspended. The notice will tell you the reason for the proposed suspension and the date service will be suspended. It will tell you what action you can take to avoid suspension.

    The notice will break down the total amount you owe into basic, non-basic, and toll charges. The charges for each type service will be treated separately so you will know what amount must be paid to keep each service.

    The company is not required to give you written notice if you do not keep a PUC payment agreement set up to avoid suspension. In this case, the company must try to contact you personally at least 24 hours before suspending your service.

    Medical Emergency Procedure

    If there’s a medical emergency in your household which will be affected by the suspension of telephone service, the suspension may be postponed. A physician must tell the company how suspension of service will worsen the serious medical condition. The suspension will be postponed for a maximum of 30 days. (Postponement may be renewed for 30 days, if necessary).

    If the suspension is postponed, you must still pay your bill on time for all services provided after the postponement date and limit your toll calls to $25.00.

    If you need more information, call the company’s business office.

    REMEMBER - To avoid having telephone service suspended, contact the company before the suspension date with any billing dispute or payment problem.

    Day Suspension is Not Allowed

    The telephone company may not suspend service:

  • On a Saturday or Sunday.
  • On a bank holiday.
  • On a holiday observed by the company (any day when the business office of the company is closed).
  • Getting Service Back On

    The company will restore suspended telephone service if:

  • You pay the overdue bill and the reconnection fee in full; or
  • You pay the amount that is due according to a payment agreement and the reconnection fee; or
  • You make a payment agreement with the company to spread out the payments of the outstanding charges and the reconnection fee; or
  • You stop the unauthorized practice for which service was suspended plus make full payment of the reconnection fee; or
  • You pay the amount that you owe for basic (local) service. The company will restore your local service but your toll and/or non-basic services will remain suspended until you pay the amount that is due for those services.
  • After you have done one of the preceding, the company will restore your service by the end of the first full working day.

    If service is suspended, you will have to pay a reconnection fee. You may pay the reconnection fee as part of a payment agreement. The company may also require that you pay a security deposit. You may make payment to have service restored at an authorized payment agency. After you make the payment, you must call the company so your service can be restored.