Customer Rights

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Customer Rights // Definitions

Applicant: Any person who applies for residential service. This does not include someone who requests a transfer of service within the local company’s service area.

Billing Period: A period of not less than 26 days and not more than 35 days.

Delinquent Account: Charges for telephone service which have not been paid in full by the due date stated on the bill or by another agreed upon date.

Discontinuation of Service: The temporary or permanent ending of service at the request of the customer.

Dispute: A disagreement between an applicant, a customer or someone representing a customer and the company. The disagreement may be over areas such as credit, deposits, billing errors etc.

Interexchange Carrier: Any public utility which provides long distance service, but does not provide local telephone service.

Interexchange Service: The transmission of messages or communication by telephone between points outside a local calling area.

Local Exchange Carrier: Any public utility which provides local service, but can also provide long distance telephone service.

Local Exchange Service: The transmission of messages or communications by telephone between points with a local calling area.

Non-Basic Service: Any service or product other than telephone service including the sale or lease of telephone equipment, inside wire maintenance plans, repair services, premise visits for service installation and Custom Calling services.

Payment Agreement: A mutually satisfactory agreement between the customer and the local exchange carrier allowing the customer to pay the unpaid balance of an account with one or more payments over a reasonable period.

Suspension of Service: Temporary ending of service without the consent of the customer.

Termination of Service: Permanent ending of service after a suspension without the consent of the customer.