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NEP Happenings

New Bundle Pricing Now Available

We are happy to announce that we are promoting new bundle prices here at NEP!

We now have Telephone/Internet and Video/Internet bundles to save you money. Please call our customer service representatives for pricing.

Do You Have The Speed You Need?
Today's homes are more connected than ever before. Our TV's stream HD movies, our phones download music, our scales upload our fitness data to servers and back to our computers, our video games run in ultra-high definition. All of these items share the connection, dividing the signal coming into your home however they see fit.  With enough speed you'll never notice. Perhaps you only have one computer and you really only check email and maybe a couple Youtube videos - a 3MBPS connection would work best for you.  But if you have a Smart TV, a video game system, a few family members with smartphones and tablets, that HD movie you’re streaming is constantly buffering, your video game keeps dropping out, or your Instagram is taking forever to load it's time to up your service. 
Contact NEP today for a connection audit to find out if you have the Speed you need for your connected household.  Get the most out of your devices with NEP Internet!
Do You Have The Speed You Need?
YES Network Removal

Due to excessively higher programming costs and unreasonable terms that certain programmers are demanding in 2017, NEP will no longer carry the YES Network as of December 31, 2016. NEP did not make this decision without careful thought and consideration of the interest of all our customers. For questions regarding this information, please call 1-866-785-3131.

 NEP will be adding a few exciting new channels to our lineup throughout 2017. Additional information related to any future lineup changes will be found here on the website.

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