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NEP Happenings

Update in TV Channel Lineups

Due to excessively higher programming costs and unreasonable terms that certain programmers are demanding in 2017, NEP willno longer carry the YES Network as of December 31, 2016. NEP did not make this decision without careful thought and consideration of the interest of all our customers. For questions regarding this information, please call 1-866-785-3131.

NEP will be adding a few exciting new channels to our lineup throughout 2017. Additional information related to any future lineup changes will be updated here.

Need Faster Speed?

 Is your social media lagging? Can't stream your movies? Issues with online gaming? Too many devices connected dragging you down? NEP is here to help!

Faster internet speed will help with all of these issues! Now you can enjoy a faster speed at no additional cost for one month.

Call our offices at 866-785-3131 to speak with one of our customer service representatives to check to see what speeds are available in your area.



Updated Repair Policy

NEP’s goal is to provide quality service to our valued customers.

Effective immediately, NEP will charge a repair fee of $35.00 if an technician is dispatched on a repair ticket and the problem is deemed to be caused by non NEP equipment or tampered settings and/or wiring. This charge would also apply when sending out a technician for television remote replacement/programming.

NEP will be responsible for repairing any service anomaly that is caused by NEP’s equipment or network failure at no cost to the customer.

We are working on tutorials to be accessed on our web site for troubleshooting for our Telephone, IPTV and Internet services.

If you have questions or troubles with service, any of our customer service representatives can help you troubleshoot over the phone by calling 866-785-3116 24 hours a day.

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