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North-Eastern Pennsylvania Telephone Company provides our customers telephone repair service during normal business hours. Simply call, toll free, 866-785-3116. Any time after business hours you will be connected to an answering service by calling, toll free, 866-785-3116.


In the event of a problem with your telephone service, please take the following steps before calling NEP Telephone Company Repair Service.

Step 1. Test the non-working telephone, telecommunications equipment and your station wiring by plugging a known working telephone into either the wall jack to check that specific location or the Network Interface Device (located on the outside of your home where the telephone line from the telephone pole connects to your home) to check your entire network.

Step 2. If you can hear a dial tone either at the wall jack, the trouble is in the phone you suspect is not working. If you can hear dial tone only at the Network Interface Device, then the problem is in the network inside the home.

Step 3. Then you as the customer have a choice of repairing the problem yourself, calling a reliable contractor or having NEP Telephone Company repair the problem.

Repairs by NEP service personnel or contractors you engage to the portion of the telephone network inside your home or your telephone equipment will be subject to a nominal service fee for time and material.


Call out hours for telecommunications repairs fall in accordance with Pennsylvania Utility Commission regulations with regard to outages.

The North-Eastern Pennsylvania Telephone Company will respond to repair service requests after hours with primary concern for employee safety and welfare under the following conditions:

  • In the event of a medical emergency or situation, or death in the family, a repairperson will be dispatched. It is up to the customer to test their equipment or network before requesting telephone company response.
  • In the event of more than 15 customers affected by an outage in a certain geographical area the company will dispatch repairmen.
  • Dispatching of repair personnel for other situations or outages will be at the discretion of the supervisor on call.