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The North-Eastern Pennsylvania Telephone Company (“NEP”) provides fixed broadband Internet services to the public in accordance with the Federal Communications Commission’s “Open Internet” policy requirements. NEP does not block lawful content, applications, services or non-harmful devices, and does not unreasonably discriminate in transmitting lawful network traffic. The following information is provided to assist the public in choosing among NEP’s fixed Internet service offerings by price and performance, and to provide information regarding NEP’s network management practices. To view NEP’s Mobile Open Internet Policy, please go to

Network Management Practices

NEP does not currently employ network management practices that interfere with a broadband Internet customer’s lawful access to Internet sites or a customer’s ability to access specific lawful applications. Currently, no congestion management or usage limitations apply, although pricing does vary by usage. NEP does not block or rate-control traffic based upon source, destination or lawful content, and does not either inhibit or favor any application or class of applications. Specifically, NEP will not:


prevent customers from sending and receiving lawful content;

prevent customers from connecting their choice of legal devices that do not harm the network;

disciminate against any lawful content, application or service.



NEP does employ network management practices to ensure the security of customers, other users, and the network. For example, NEP utilizes programs and protocols to detect and inhibit the distribution of malicious and harmful viruses and content, and employs SPAM filtering devices that prevent the delivery or transmission of SPAM. These filtering services are adjustable by customers through Please go to for more information on the filtering device, its operation and control options.

In addition, NEP will investigate complaints that a broadband Internet customer’s device or devices may be producing SPAM or other harmful network traffic, or accessing content illegally. Such reports will result in NEP contacting the customer and working with interested parties to resolve the security or access concerns.

Performance Characteristics

NEP provides broadband Internet services throughout its telephone service area commonly known as the Clifford, Harford, New Milford, Jackson, Thompson, Pleasant Mount, Uniondale, and Forest City exchanges. These services consist of a 24/7 broadband digital connection (through Digital Subscriber Line, or “High Speed” technology) that provides two-way data transmission over a combination of fiber optic and copper cable. The performance characteristics of NEP’s broadband Internet services are provided below:


Advertised Speeds

Average Measured Speeds*

Average Latency*

Monthly Rate**

Up to 3 Mbps

2.3-2.5Mbps/896 Kbps

10-70 ms


Up to 6 Mbps

4.9-5.5Mbps/896 Kbps

10-70 ms


Up to 12 Mbps

9-11Mbps/896 Kbps

10-70 ms


Up to 25 Mbps ***

23-24 Mbps/2.5 Mbs

10-70 ms


Up to 50 Mbps ***


Up to 100 Mbps ***



 45-48Mbps/8-9 Mbs


90-95 Mbp/17-19 Mbps



10-70 ms


10-70 ms






*** Packages only available in Fiber Served ares.

*NEP utilizes testing tool to assess performance. Data presented here is based on consumer speed tests as well as tests conducted by company installers at customer premises. The latency measured by our speed testing indicates suitability for real-time applications. Average speeds vary by distance from the NEP central office, and also will vary with customer-owned equipment. For a more precise estimate of speed with respect to a given geographic location, please call 570-785-3131.

** Monthly rates listed are available only when bundled within an NEP bundled package. An additional $5.00 per month applies to stand-alone Internet services. Prices do not include promotional or other discounts.

Commercial Terms

Monthly pricing information is provided in the preceding table. Currently, NEP does not assess usage- or volume-based fees. In cases where customers take advantage of promotional offerings, an early termination fee may apply. Monthly fees cover 3 free e-mail addresses, and commercial web page space up to 10 Mb. Additional services such as domain names are available for an additional monthly fee.

Storage limit for E-Mail is 200MG.

In the course of installation, troubleshooting or repair, NEP personnel may collect network traffic information to perform the required service. The information so collected is utilized only for the purpose of accomplishing the specific task at hand, and it limited to packet source, destination and port number. No other information is examined or utilized, and this information is not stored, provided to a third party, or utilized for any other purpose.

NEP responds to all complaints from its customers and about its customers’ use of the Internet. Complaints should be addressed to NEP Telephone Company, 720 Main Street, Forest City, PA 18421 Telephone 570-785-3131 or Fax 570-785-9299, and provide a detailed description of the problem, and the dates and times of its occurrence.

For additional information on terms, conditions, and online use policies related to NEP broadband services, please review the Service Agreement and Acceptable Use Policy.

Please refer any questions regarding these policies or NEP broadband services to NEP Telephone Company at 570-785-3131.