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Policies // Wiring Maintenance

Station (Inside) wiring begins at the Network Interface Device (NID) and ends at the outlets where your telephone connects. The NID is where the station wire cross-connects with the underground or aerial drop wire.

You may select our MAINTENANCE SERVICE plan which provides maintenance service on the station wire. For a charge of $0.75 per month per Basic Service, the Telephone Company will repair the station wire at no extra charge regardless of the number of outlets you have.

If you do not select the maintenance plan and a problem occurs with your telephone service, you will be responsible to determine where the problem is located. (See below for instructions on testing your service). If the problem is in the station wiring, you may make the repair yourself, hire a qualified technician or have us repair the problem. Our rates are $45.00 for a visit charge, which includes the first hour of travel and labor plus material costs and $15.00 for each ½ hour thereafter.


1. Before reporting trouble to the Telephone Company, please test your modular telephones to be sure the problem is not in your equipment. Unplug your telephone. If a Network Interface Device (NID) has been installed where the telephone wiring enters your home from the outside, you may plug your telephone into the NID for testing. You may also test your telephone in a modular outlet at another location, such as at the home of a friend or neighbor.

2. When you call REPAIR SERVICE 785-3116, your line will be tested from our office. If the trouble is in the Telephone Company equipment, the repair problem will be corrected at no charge.

3. If the trouble cannot be found solely by testing from our office, we will send an Installer / Repair person to your premise. If the trouble is found in the Telephone Company equipment, repair work will be performed at no cost to you. If the trouble is caused by your own wiring or equipment, a $45 charge will be applied to cover the visit and testing of your equipment.